No parent is perfect

No parent is perfect

When I was around 10 years old, I decided to write down all the things my parents did that annoyed me. My intention was that I would refer to this when I had children so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes..

  • How can we feel safe?

    Over January, the news and my Facebook feed have been full of stories related to the bushfires, but these stories have now slowed to a dribble as people’s interest has moved on to other things.

  • An Insidious Enemy

    It’s all around us. The young guy in his room on his device. The talk show host casually endorsing it on his show.

  • Serving from a wheelchair

    For most of my teenage years, I felt like I wasn't serving in my local church. I even thought that I couldn't serve in any of the ministry team. I didn't know what skills I had that could be used in a ministry team.

  • Loving God Part 1 – With Soul

    What is the soul of a person and how can you define it?

  • Hardships

    I haven’t sat here and written this while I’m happy. I haven’t begun, written and concluded this piece through a time of joy, nor over a week an easy nature.

  • To Guard the Secret Place

    As a kid, the classic novel “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett,  was one of my favourites. It follows the story of a selfish wealthy girl who becomes orphaned and is sent to live with her uncle. When she gets to her uncle’s home, her life begins to look very different to what it used to.

  • Making an ass of only me

    Has it ever occurred to you that this common quip is a two-way phrase? It’s a play on the composition of the word ‘assume’ that requires two parties who are equally worthy of foolishness.

  • Living on a prayer

    Prayer. It’s our hotline to heaven, our time with our Creator, and a one of the most vital parts of our lives as Christians.

  • How to deal with life's disappointment

    Often times in my faith journey I find myself hitting a wall. Sometimes life is so dark that it's hard to even pray. Church becomes routine and sometimes even that is too difficult.

  • Elections for the elect: how should we vote?

    I once heard a pastor say from the pulpit, “there are two things we shouldn’t talk about as Christians: politics and religion”.

  • My Spartan experience doing Intensive Biblical Greek course

    After years of patiently waiting for God’s timing, I have finally enrolled into a seminary to move onto the next chapter of my life in God’s calling to become a minister of his word.