Through the storm

Through the storm

Everybody on this earth faces challenges or difficulties at some point of their lives. No one is immune from trauma or suffering. But as Christians, how do we cope when things go wrong? And what does God teach us during those struggles?.

  • Healing rhythm of home

    In western culture there is a natural annual rhythm. Every December, no matter where you live or what you believe, you go home. Home to a people or a place that know your core.

  • Ministries of the layperson

    You don’t need to be a pastor or a missionary to be involved in some sort of ministry. In fact, God has given all of us certain types of ministry and calling that we cannot escape from: calling at home, vocation and the local church.

  • What I learnt from my baby

    It is a brand new year and I have been reflecting on what I learnt the past year. Interestingly, because I had been staying home to look after my little one, I had learnt a lot from him.

  • Welcome to the Twenties

    Welcome to the Twenties. A decade flamboyantly characterised by dramatic political and social change. Hems became shorter, Jazz became popular and the burgeoning consumer economy allowed for widespread participation.

  • The importance of losing our religion

    The definition of religion is highly debated especially in a world where there are so many religions that look so different from each other. But, the Oxford Dictionary defines religion as “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power.” 

  • The lessons never stop

    Have you ever noticed the divide between what you think and what you feel?

  • The housing crises: Where is the church?

    I am fascinated by the housing crises that we are living in today here in New Zealand. For those of you who don’t know, our large cities—including the largest one which I happen to call home—is overpopulated and underhoused.

  • How I shed my quills

    I wasn’t always like this, I promise. No, who am I kidding. Of course I was. From the first irritated cry as I entered this world of discomfort to the sigh of stress I released just now, I have always been spiky.

  • Living a life of radical integrity

    I love summer reading. During that blissful period between Christmas and New Year’s when no one quite knows what day it is, I always speed through a couple of books.

  • Finding Jesus in the positive

    When life isn’t going well, or following our carefully made plans, it is perhaps easy to turn to God, crying out for help and comfort.

  • Discovering joy

    At high school I remember studying The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Written post-WWI, it reveals the fragmentation and devastation caused by the Great War. In particular, it reflects the ‘disillusionment’ felt by many during that time, a worldview known as modernity.