Comfort can be so uncomfortable and uncertainty so tiring - would you agree?.

  • It is easier

    Lying in bed at 11 pm, the stillness of the dark, turmoil of the soul, loudly screaming “HELP!”

  • Loving God Part 4 – With Strength

    To become strong and healthy, we need a lot of energy.

  • The Choices We Don’t Get

    In our postmodern, technological capitalist societies, life is littered with the opportunity and illusion of choice. We are taught to act upon our individualistic impulses, believing that we not only have the opportunity to define our ultimate destinies, but that we possess the power to manipulate every aspect of our lives.

  • Calamity, chaos and peace

    Media headlines herald the breaking news of catastrophic disasters from around the globe. Meanwhile, homeless people take refuge on city streets begging for compassion. Concurrently, our increasing suicide statistics become dirty secrets swept under policies based on good intent. 

  • Your plans, his purpose

    Do you remember the pick-a-path books many children read all those years ago? You proceeded through the book and read instructions at the bottom of the pages that told you to skip to a particular page number, based on the choice you had made

  • Engaging in the ‘culture wars’

    “Where you draw the lines, that’s where the battle will be.” This was the wise advice given to his staff by a school principal that I once worked for.

  • Mum and Dad families – a necessity, or just one option for raising children?

    It’s obvious, isn’t it? Children with two parents, a mother and a fatherto raise them in a loving home, have the best upbringing.

  • When got to becomes get to

  • What are the do's and don'ts of Christianity?

    As a Christian, I grew up learning the 10 commandments. We sing about it in songs since young and try to live our lives according to it.

  • Maui

    Plan. Prepare. Know what is ahead. I could call these words my mantra. My phrase. Who I am in a few words.

  • Much can be done with little

    While reading a blog, this phrase jumped out at me. “Much can be done with little.” The writer made reference to Jesus feeding the many, with the meagre lunch offerings of one young boy – simply some bread and fish – but in God’s hands that small lunch was used to meet the hunger of thousands.