The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

There was once a little artist who had lived in a society that did not value art. He had a long journey to make and did not want to go. But he could not get out of it. When would the journey begin and end? Where would it take him? He had no idea..

  • Trusting in times of transition

    ‘Turn and face the strange,’ is David Bowie’s challenge in his 1971 song ‘Changes’.

  • Rethinking Christmas

    Domestic violence incidents spike at Christmas. In fact, all kinds of violence escalate at this time of the year. Brawls from heavy drinking, drug-taking and the tensions in families, keep police, ambulance and hospitals excessively busy.

  • God – or the shopping mall?

    The newspaper headline startled me. ‘People don’t go to church any more – they go to the malls.’ It wasn’t something I expected to see in the business section of the newspaper.

  • Conversations are valuable, all of them

    I was having a conversation with a man that I haven’t really talked to before. Mostly because I am talking with others that I know more when this guy and I are at the same place. He’s busy talking to his friends too, so we don't really have time for a conversation together.

  • The Mission of God Part 4 – The Role of God’s Spirit

    As a people-orientated person, don’t we just love serving and helping people? It satisfies us.

  • ‘New Year, New Me’

    The popular New Year catch phrase that we hear when people are coming into the New Year. Coming to Christmas and New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has been and looking towards the year that is to come.

  • Buy your girlfriend before you try her

    Outraged? Does the title bother you? I hope so. It’s horrible, yet it reflects an unfortunately prevailing view in society.

  • Santa or saviour

    Santa, Father Christmas, jolly old Saint Nick. Whatever you want to call him. The  man in red has been a widely acclaimed part of the Christmas tradition since he was first painted by cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1881 as part of a poem illustration.

  • Why the “ok boomer” meme is still relevant

    Press Service International Columnist Roydon Ng recently caught up with Pastor Kiran Skariah on how the suburban Youth Pastor is giving up his church job to run the biggest 24/7 youth group in the world.

  • Life Prep

    Like any good Millennial Christian, I am a regular consumer of the YouVersion Bible’s reading plans and devotionals.

  • New Zealand chosen to launch one of the largest ever Global Bible Campaigns

    One of the largest global Bible campaigns has chosen to launch in New Zealand this January. Bible 2020 aims to encourage ‘everyone, everywhere’ to engage with the Bible in their own context and in their own language. It is anticipated that the Bible 2020 app will be used across the world as individuals speak aloud a different Bible passage each day of the year.