Eye in the sky

Eye in the sky

As Christians we know that God watches over us and is aware of everything that we think and do. But does knowing this really make us more accountable for our thoughts and actions? Or do we just trust that God will forgive us and continue acting the same way as always have?.

  • The human cost to saving the environment

    I personally care a lot about climate change and I have for a long time.

  • The Church is dying (and why I am happy about it)

    In the West, Christianity by all metrics is declining. This is not new information. This has been the case for a long time and only somehow it seems that most are waking up to this fact. 

  • The discipline of Evangelism

    We talk a lot about spiritual discipline: discipline in private prayer, worship, reading of scripture and so on. However hardly anybody talks about the discipline of evangelism.

  • Peace, be still

    I have grown up waking up early. An early bird, my family would call me. I woke up before the sun rose most days. I woke up to pitch darkness, quietness, and stillness. No one else was awake at that time; I was the only moving object.

  • Deconstructing progressive Christianity 

    Christianity, for people who dislike Christianity. A palatable form of faith served with a side of post-liberalism and postmodernism belief. 

  • Afraid to wake up

    Life is woefully and joyfully unpredictably predictable. Oscillating rhythm permeates our lives. We all live incredibly different lives, some more routine than others. We all go through different life events, different celebrations and challenges, yet we experience the same rhythms of grace. 

  • What to do when your world crashes around you

    Like so many other people around the globe, my world was turned upside down when Covid-19 hit our shores. There was grief for the things that were cancelled and the opportunities that wouldn’t eventuate.

  • Snack-pocketing and glory-stealing

    Because I moved to New Zealand when I was only 8, I do not have a lot of memories of my childhood that I had in my motherland, Korea. So those that have survived in the limited storage space of my brain have a special lustre of their own. 

  • I have a choice and so do you

    Labels can be really helpful. Like when you are making a coffee and want to put sugar, not salt, in.   Labels and prescriptions have genuine uses. But sometimes labels can be limiting and can trap us in their confines.

  • Seeking real communion

    A few weeks ago, I went on a weekend trip to a small NZ town called ‘Mangakino’ located on the North Island.

  • Faith and works—friends or enemies?

    Martin Luther—one of the important figures during the reformation—started out as a Catholic priest, but when he actually studied what the Bible said he discovered that Paul declares in Romans that justification is through faith alone.