God says, “Hello”

God says, “Hello”

Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like for God to say “Hello” to you? Like actually in front of your face, just saying, “Hello.”.

  • What the Black Panther has taught me… about Church Leadership

    On the 28th of August 2020, the world was rocked by the news that Chadwick Boseman who played the role of the Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had died of a silent struggle with bowel cancer.

  • Absorbing only a quarter of your bible

    From my observations and interactions with many around me, a lot of us read our bibles in a slightly different manner.

  • The Rebecca Hoverd Story

    I’m Rebecca Hoverd and I have had the absolute privilege of growing up on Auckland’s North Shore for all my 23 years of life.

  • Where do I grow?

    Without doubt the past six months has caused uncertainty for us all. Uncertainty about the choices we've made in the past, uncertainty about what is happening in the present, and uncertainty about what the future will be like.

  • Life’s not fair

    The tale begins at a Sunday evening church service. 

  • The comforting example of failure

    Anyone familiar with the renowned apologist, Dr William Lane Craig, will be accustomed to his wit, tact, and handling of philosophy and theology. Fewer may be familiar with his failure to receive a Doctorate in Theology.

  • Waiting for the change

    No one really likes change – we’re a comfy kind of people. But unfortunately, the winds of change are always inevitable one way or another.

  • Purchased: The slave of bitterness

    Though in my full name the meaning of ‘goodness/kindness’ hides underneath, I could not have been the farthest from it. Only a week ago, I lived my whole life with irritation, outbursts of anger, selfishness and pride as my best friends.

  • Grace before critique

    It’s interesting to see how views and approaches to morality have evolved through the ages.

  • The good medicine of a cheerful heart

    The book of Proverbs in the Bible is full of solid, common sense advice. It teaches us about cause and effect and actions and consequences; it is a very practical and useful book.

  • The power of your story

    After I became a Christian in my mid-forties I had many friends who were non-believers.