A nobody nothing nowhere

A nobody nothing nowhere

Relocating islands and coming to a new school has gotten me thinking a lot. As I had to readjust to a new city and a new workplace, I started reflecting on what I have done, what I am doing and what I will continue or stop doing..

  • Saluting a private

    Recently, a story has unfolded of the NZ Army’s writing competition for soldiers of the rank of private. After running it and selecting a winner, they then contradicted themselves like a decaffeinated sugar-free energy drink and depublished it from their website. 

  • When God steps into your routine

    I recently finished reading the biography of Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth, or Betty, as she was more fondly called was the wife of Jim Elliot. He is well known as one of five missionaries killed while trying to make contact with the Auca, a tribe from Ecuador. 

  • The lion and the porcupine

    My writing journey has recently begun and what an enriching journey it has been so far.

  • When two become one – checking out ‘marriage’

    Jesus said of marriage, “A man will leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two will be one flesh.”

  • Surprise. Depression.

    I’m writing this in the middle of Aotearoa New Zealand’s winter, July 2022. It’s the third July in a row where our lives have been affected by the global pandemic that is COVID-19.

  • What about the Crusades

    Some years ago at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, US President Barack Obama reignited a thousand year old debate with his comments about the Crusades.

  • Spare the rod

    Discipline. Most of us experienced some form of discipline growing up. We were given boundaries and told no and occasionally punished if we did wrong. But since God is our loving father, what does His discipline look like? How does it fit in with His plan for us?

  • Still Relevant?

    As covid lockdowns slowly peeled back the layers on the glamorous world of elite sport exposing the cutthroat industry and mismanaged athletes' mental health, the rapid decline in sports participation comes as no surprise as people argue over whether sports are still relevant today.

  • On collarbones, contemplation, and community

    We’re at a youth leader’s retreat camp. I am feeling lonely. I am feeling guilty for feeling lonely.

  • Life in a Dry and Weary Land

    When the Bible paints a picture of a thriving tree planted by a stream of water in Psalm 1 – do you feel that accurately describes your life? I know I don’t see myself in that picture. I long to thrive, more than just survive.

  • A Great Cloud of Witnesses

    God’s people have always been persecuted for their belief in and following of him. It might seem like there is a new and rising antagonism towards Christians but as is the catchphrase of Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the sun.”