Wuhan we’ve had a problem

Wuhan we’ve had a problem

Anyone who has watched the Apollo 13 movie will remember the famous line..

  • In a glacier for 42 years

    Glacier’s are in the news in recent years where commentators claims they are disappearing and other commentators say they are growing. This is 2020 follies.

  • Faith that sees beyond the natural

    For Christians and churches in New Zealand, the past one year has been a somewhat interesting time. We have had rude awakenings from the passing of an extreme abortion law and more recently, the passing of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill.

  • The new normal

    With the announcement that New Zealand was at Level 3 alert for covid-19, then going into Level 4 lockdown in 48 hours not too many weeks ago, all that was normal was thrown topsy-turvy. Many weeks into it now, we have our own new normal.

  • Leading Out Of A Storm

    From Wednesday 25th March 2020 New Zealand moved into Alert Level 4 – full lockdown. My generation had not known anything like it, being confined to our homes barring a walk around our own neighbourhood, which fortunately meant the golden sands of the East Coast Bays beaches here on the North Shore of Auckland.

  • On our way back to the future again

    As I write this, New Zealand has just shifted from Level 3 down to Level 2, in our 4-Level Alert Plan for combating Covid-19.

  • Let it Go

    ‘Let it go!’ – of course, it’s the Frozen movie anthem, but it’s also a great line from the iconic the Vogel’s bread advert ‘New Zealanders overseas’: ‘It was a year ago, okay Michael? Let it go!’

  • Eyam – the ‘plague village’

    We’ve become familiar with words such as ‘lockdown’, ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ in these days of Covid-19.

  • Survival of the fittest

    In the avalanche of articles about the Coronavirus, from time to time, an article surfaces regarding the sacrifices of younger people for older more vulnerable people.

  • Who are the fattest people – NZ on the top list

    Not that long back the New Zealand Herald revealed New Zealand was named the ‘fourth-fattest’ country in the OECD, behind the United States, Mexico and Hungary.

  • Knowing valuable information

    Finding out information that is valuable opens our eyes to many possibilities; new possibilities that we didn't see before. Either, we see a way of attempting something we thought we couldn't do or, we discover something very useful to us that we didn't even know existed.

  • Loving God Part 3 – With Mind