Quiet grace

Quiet grace

My boss was fuming.  Not at me personally, but at my department and in particular at one of my staff members who had made a serious error of judgement..

  • None of us knows how long this will be

    The title, None of us knows how long this will be, could be the latest newspaper headline. However, it was believed to have been written when Jerusalem was under Babylonian attack in about 586 BC.

  • Come, Lord Jesus

    Words every believer would have heard at least once in their Christian journey. Also words that we probably do not dwell on given the number of times we hear them and still don’t see.. well… the end.

  • The Repair Shop God

    Perhaps the nicest show on television has been screening here in New Zealand this year. The Repair Shop is a British show where people take their old worn-down family heirlooms to be fixed by a team of tender, loving and expert craftspeople.

  • Don’t just check your privilege; channel it.

    Back in 2018, I wrote an article, “Of Witches and Whales”, observing the strange yet incredible efforts of the humpback whales, who help, rescue, or even get into good ol’ fisticuffs to defend, any animal they come across that is being hurt or attacked. 

  • Mirrors

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? This famous quote from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs often reflects our most common use of a mirror: to see ourselves (with a tinge of vanity!). We would all agree that being presentable is definitely more appealing than the opposite.

  • How many partners will you have?

    Recently I discussed my forty plus years of marriage with a young person. He said he couldn’t imagine being with one person for that length of time.

  • A Ticking Time Bomb

    The young guy sitting on the park bench is absorbed in his phone. The professional working late in the office is totally focussed on his screen.

  • Comparison trap

    Coaches are now being told that they should praise players who have good technique instead of pointing out poor technique in others.

  • Loving God Part 4 – With Strength

    To become strong and healthy, we need a lot of energy.

  • To Guard the Secret Place

    As a kid, the classic novel “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett,  was one of my favourites. It follows the story of a selfish wealthy girl who becomes orphaned and is sent to live with her uncle. When she gets to her uncle’s home, her life begins to look very different to what it used to.

  • Just, be.

    Hey, have you ever thought about, just being you? And that just being you is enough? That it’s not something that we have to tell ourselves but something that we are told to do.