What Cats Teach Us About God and Holiness

What Cats Teach Us About God and Holiness

There are many great things about cats. They’re uncannily adorable, their fur is delightfully soft, they’re hilarious ....

  • You are special, yes you are!

    In our teacher training education, we learn that for every negative we point out, there needs to be five positive praises or encouragements. People need to hear how special they are.People need to know their worth, in order to realise their full potential.

  • The Rebecca Moore story

    I was born in a small country town in Queensland called Murgon, to my lovely parents, Salvation Army Pastors (now retired) Majors Alan and Jenny Peterson. My childhood years were fun and spent largely around the church, piano lessons, books, school, having wonderful adventures with my siblings and moving houses.

  • When God steps into your routine

    I recently finished reading the biography of Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth, or Betty, as she was more fondly called was the wife of Jim Elliot. He is well known as one of five missionaries killed while trying to make contact with the Auca, a tribe from Ecuador. 

  • All year resolutions

    Christmas has come and gone. The celebrations would have somewhat settled down. While some of us may still be soaking in the wonders of the season (or what's left of it), others like me have pulled out our faithful little notebooks (and gadgets!) to start penning down resolutions.

  • The traditional Boxing Day and...

    The traditional Boxing Day chore of clearing up the house of Christmas Day parcels is philosophically poignant for ministry. 

  • Saving santa

    I’m not a fan of the commercialisation of Christmas. I try to remind fellow believers that Jesus is the reason ...

  • Welcome to the wonder

    There’s nothing like finding yourself jobless, groundless and essentially homeless to make you re-evaluate your life.

  • Christmas Critical Question

    Christmas brings Australian Christians with a dichotomy. There are now laws associated with discrimination and racism. Therefore, does the media blast away at Christian belief because it is part of the main stream culture or is the media in effect, trying to detach Christianity from the main stream culture in that the society the media portrays is secular?

  • Doing well

    One morning in India a word came into my head.

  • The missing birthday boy

    Christmas is around the corner! Heaps of Christmas decorations and delicacies are already on sale. Christmas stockings, Santa hats, Christmas trees full of ornaments and lights, candy canes, reindeer chocolates, jingle bells and not forgetting Christmas presents!

  • Who is our marketing target

    Having been involved in the world of business prior to entering full time pastoral ministry, I’ve been involved in strategic planning processes in multiple diverse organisations. One of the early questions that gets asked is ‘who is our target market?’ Identifying exactly whom we’re targeting helps define the next part of our planning and the subsequent implementation of our ideas.