Spot the difference

Spot the difference

Everyone is unique. When we look around, we can easily spot the difference..

  • Just one touch of Jesus

    Across the world, news of the pandemic seems to have become a norm months later. Here in New Zealand, there is a sense of relief and even triumph as we went weeks without an active case of Covid 19. The occasional cases that popped upkeep us on our toes as we live with this new normal.

  • Where The Magic Happens

    During the COVID19 lockdown here in New Zealand many of us learnt all sorts of things about how our rhythms of work and leisure could pivot so easily.

  • Timely Lessons from Tough Times

    How do you answer a 15-year-old who wants to know why God doesn’t help people in a pandemic?

  • Assumptions and other crimes

    I think I’ll stay home this evening she said

  • The truth found in jigsaws

    My husband, Ross, likes doing jigsaws, and the Covid-19 shutdown has allowed him to complete several. As I like to find spiritual parallels to earthly activities, I’m sharing three spiritual truths from jigsaws.

  • Jesus – God’s ‘selfie’?

    The church noticeboard was changed each week, to advertise the next Sunday sermon. I glanced at it as I usually do when I drove past on my way to a funeral. ‘Jesus – God’s selfie’ it read. Nah, I thought.

  • Get more active

    Going for a run, playing active sports or being active in anyway has many health benefits. Exercising and being active makes us well and prevents illnesses.

  • Where do we draw the line?

    Drug doping is sadly so common in elite sports that every year dozens of athletes test positive resulting in the loss of titles and temporary if not life long bans from the sport.

  • Contentment with Singleness

    What does it mean to be single as a relationship status?

  • Protest is a means of catharsis

    According to the dictionary, protest is a noun that describes “a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something”. This description seems to fall a little flat in comparison to what’s been happening in the United States since the 25th of May this year.

  • Disable or God abled?

    So long as there have been people on this earth, there have been people with disabilities and impairments. From Moses having a stutter in the old testament to the blind and lame beggars in the new testament.