Disability and poverty

Disability and poverty

People with disabilities have higher living costs because we have a long list of necessities. On top of general expenses like food, bills and transport disabled people have extra expenses because of our disabilities. New wheelchairs and other equipment occasionally need to be purchased and are expensive. Other disability-related expenses are ongoing like support workers, prescriptive medications and other various things that are essential to someone's wellness.

  • Where's God when I'm scared

    Where's God when I'm scared

    If God is real, then why do bad things happen?

  • Childlike Faith-Walking Part 2

    Childlike Faith-Walking Part 2

    When we put faith in something or people we trust them. Often we expect great outcomes. When great outcomes come, we put more faith in them.

  • What! Monday again!

    What! Monday again!

    Picture this: It’s an evening service and you’re stepping inside your home church lobby. A girl, possibly in her early twenties, catches your eye. You stop and stare. What is it about her?

  • Online Dating: Pornography for the Heart

    Online Dating: Pornography for the Heart

    The biblical message is paradoxically encroached by reaping the hardship of sin while being confronted by immeasurable grace upon grace. Paul put it simply by proclaiming in Romans chapter 5 verse 20, “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (ESV).

  • Living in courage

    Living in courage

    When I was eleven years old I had a mental breakdown which was birthed out of a medical disorder that I was born with.  This was an intense time for me where I all I want to do was end my life at this stage of my journey. I had a spirit of fear and anxiety in my life. I didn't know what would be next for me. I was in a midst of a journey of constant bullying and I had no success at school where

  • Bible Society launches comprehensive new small group resource

    Bible Society launches comprehensive new small group resource

    Whether your group meets at a café, club, church or in your home, Bible Society has just launched a brilliant new small group Bible resource that is perfect for digging deeper into the Bible with your friends.

  • Choose joy – hit snooze

    Choose joy – hit snooze

    I am extraordinarily late to the bandwagon, but I recently discovered something revolutionary – the snooze button.

  • The peace-loving gossiper

    The peace-loving gossiper

    I am in general peace-loving. Every time I take a personality test, I score high in agreeableness. 

  • Marriage conflict deconstruction

    Marriage conflict deconstruction

    I met up with a group of girlfriends over dinner last week and we discussed about how we handled conflicts with our spouses. It was a very interesting conversation as we had different ways of approaching it.

  • Trials and Temptations

    Trials and Temptations

    ‘Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him (James chapter 1, verse 12).’

  • The Power of Media

    The Power of Media

    Last year a friend of mine started a business which sold products through marketing on Instagram and Facebook. With a fair bit of research, the right product and some hard work his business took off in a very short amount of time.

  • Living a life of Salvation

    Living a life of Salvation

    As I sit down to write this article I am somewhat overwhelmed by the reality of Salvation.

  • Reaching for the crown

    Reaching for the crown

    The little girl stood on her tippy-toes, endlessly counting the days on the calendar with sparkles in her eyes. There was still more than two months left until her birthday but oh, how it felt so close! She was going to ask her mummy for a chocolate cake, with candles that would show exactly how old she was going to be.

  • Seasons of life

    Seasons of life

    New Zealand is currently in transition between autumn and winter. While I know that this brings mixed feelings to many people who still mourn the loss of summer as it becomes adistant memory, the transition does bring a silver lining – a golden light with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets every day.