Mark 5 Visited

Mark 5 Visited

Many of you know the story in Mark chapter 5 of healing by faith. I have heard about it briefly before and once gave it a read over, but only recently have I visited it with further exploration and intention to learn..

  • Cancel culture

    In a time when people are more upset over Dr. Seuss books being discontinued than they are about gun control, we need to have a serious talk about cancel culture.

  • The housing crises: Where is the church?

    I am fascinated by the housing crises that we are living in today here in New Zealand. For those of you who don’t know, our large cities—including the largest one which I happen to call home—is overpopulated and underhoused.

  • Purpose-full

    Looking back at my past writings, I see how I had come to realize so many things. God had allowed me new perceptions, ...

  • I’m not interested in other people’s salvation

    It’s been a while since I have been a Christian now. I first met the Lord in my uni days, and ever since I have not departed from the faith. Though at a snail’s pace, I have definitely grown much since my spiritual birth: in wisdom, in Christ-like character, in doctrinal knowledge etc.

  • Are you ready?

    On the 5th of March, New Zealand was awoken by earthquakes and Civil Defence tsunami warnings. People were asked to evacuate, and to stay out of water and off beaches.

  • Falling behind as a Christian

    Am I doing enough as a Christian and why won’t God use me now? These two questions have plagued the lives of Christians including myself on a daily basis.

  • Disgusted with Leviticus

    The book of Leviticus is admonished for being boring: protocols for sacrifices, priestly garments, the dimensions of the Temple, and laws upon laws. It becomes an inside joke in churches. The dreariness of Bible reading is lumped onto those early Old Testament texts.

  • Is God God? Where’d He Go?

    Often I wonder why God won’t overtly appear to people. Can’t The King of Physics just transfigure himself out of clear air, strike stunning eye contact with unbelievers, and beyond spoken words manifest his glory to them as the very Word?

  • Learning resilience

    “Resilience looks like a flower growing through an ambulance engine to emerge the other side beautiful and strong.”

  • Where Transformation Happens: Seek Discomfort

    We often consider that the measure of development in the world as a matter of having the things that can make life a little bit easier.

  • Taste and see

    There is a beautiful, small town on the North Island of NZ called ‘Mangakino’.Living in Auckland, with all its light ...