The power of your story

The power of your story

After I became a Christian in my mid-forties I had many friends who were non-believers..

  • Driving through heavy traffic

    Every Monday, I start my week by driving roughly 45 minutes to work. After work, the same process repeats, another 45 minutes drive before I reach home. This cycle continues throughout the weekdays from Monday to Friday.

  • Live and love like Jesus

    Such strange times. 

  • An Identity Bigger Than Me

    Out of my own journey of discovering my identity as a child of God, I’ve become a proponent of helping others find their identity in God; it’s a mark of my preaching and becomes central in any discussions I have with people who are struggling in life.

  • Kindness, and why it’s the latest trend

    In this global pandemic, public addresses by international leaders is now commonplace.

  • Work together for NZ’s mental health

    Last week, 10 October was World Mental Health Day, but just how mentally well are we?

  • Being true to yourself?

    Ah, I thought, that’s it! I’d been reading some articles on identity issues, and had been wondering why the general trend seemed to be that anyone who didn’t feel comfortable in their own body should be affirmed in the gender that they felt that they really were.

  • I hate goal setting

    I’m highly structured and organized, but I hate setting goals. I hate SMART goals, SWOT, SOAR and any other goal-setting tools. I find them boring, exhausting and frustrating.

  • I’m screen fatigued!

    Doing everything online and on a screen is extremely tiring. All I want to do is sleep during lockdown. Believe me, wanting to sleep continuously is not me at all. I believe that I am an outgoing person. I like being busy and getting out and about. Go out shopping or to get a to-do list done. Catch up with friends whenever I can.

  • Raising the bar

    With the world already in turmoil over Covid19, a documentary about the   abusive culture in USA gymnastics almost went unnoticed. Athlete A is a heart reaching documentary describing the neglect and abuse young girls suffered for years due to USA gymnastics not wanting to damage their image.

  • Plan X, Y, Z.

    Like the rest of NZ, I found myself deeply disappointed with the return of ole mate COVID. Like many, I had wonderful trips around the country booked, all which overnight had to be cancelled.

  • Love

    What is love? Love can be beautiful, it can be light, warm, selfless, humble contagious and Holy. But it can also be challenging.