Following Jesus is harder than ever

Following Jesus is harder than ever

If you are reading this article, it is most likely you are doing so using the Internet and, on your smartphone or laptop. If true, then you are most likely living in a part of the world that is referred to as “the West”, or “the Majority World”. It is to you that I write this article, because it is my belief that for us, following Jesus is harder than ever..

  • A journey to authenticity

    Two years ago, I was 94 days into a mammoth adventure, a following of dreams and a chasing of God’s calling on my life.

  • You need a car? Only if it will glorify thee.

    For many of us, a good portion of our prayers are made up of petitions, asking God if he could do something for us.

  • Confronting Atrocity

    In 2020 alone the world saw the undertaking of 30+ different terrorist attacks. Ranging from a single fatality to beyond 100 individuals in a single act, these events have become common place In most of our lives.

  • There are no participation awards in church

    Participation awards, a modern symbol of a yearning for equality at the cost of merited awards, have no place in church. To celebrate participation is a failure to recognise diversity of skill, talent, and gifting that we are called to use wisely as stewards of God’s gifts.

  • The Church Created the Treaty, but Will the Church Care for it?

    The world had opened up. Along with Europe, Britain stretched across the globe, colonising old lands, settling new nations.

  • Holes made whole

    I like the way the sun falls on my skin. The shadows that wrap around are also captivating. It seems to make even the smallest things meaningful.

  • Limitless

    We exist in systems of rules and boundaries, limits and constraints. Speed limits and road markings protect us from the inherent risks in cars and other vehicles.

  • #fomo

    If you are a human in the 21st century, then you’ve heard of the term: ‘fomo’.

  • Why you can’t have love without sacrifice

    “Hard to breathe; feels like floating, so full of love my heart's exploding, mouth is dry, hands are shaking...Finally time for this poor schlubb, to know how it feels to fall in lub.”

  • Hope in a hopelessness situation

    I never would have imagined that this is what my life in February 2021 would have been. I am a young, engaged Kiwi, sitting in the middle of a snow-covered Ohio, unsure as to whether I will be able to get married in May, or when I will be able to hug my mother again.

  • A story of God’s precise and perfect provision

    God’s provision can come in unexpected ways. I have been in situations where I have experienced God’s favour and abundance, and I have been in situations where I have experienced lack.