A few thoughts on Friday’s tragedy

A few thoughts on Friday’s tragedy

 I don’t expect this to be anything particularly profound but I felt that I had to write something about the recent event that has forever changed New Zealand.

  • What is Believing

    What is Believing

    Three times in the New Testament we are told that "Abraham believed God" (see: Galatians 3 verse 6; Romans 4 verse 3 and James 2 verse 23). The phrase "Abraham believed God" is taken from a passage in the Old Testament which is found at Genesis 15 verse 6.

  • Trekking


    It took me a little while to get a handle on the New Zealand term 'trekking' as many of our New Zealand young writers spoke of trekking and it seemed something of a national pastime.

  • Top 5 tips on how to be a Christian

    Top 5 tips on how to be a Christian

    How do you stay on track with Jesus? I had someone ask me this question recently.

  • The unacceptable

    The unacceptable

    Like many who identify in some way with the man of the cross, my faith journey has been a hair-raising ride of ups and downs, rites and rebellions, crippling uncertainty and the usual generic confusion.

  • Rethinking vaccination: Fear vs Trust  

    Rethinking vaccination: Fear vs Trust  

    For a long time, I found myself sitting on the fence regarding the issue of vaccination. There are many articles, research and people both for and against vaccination. As for me, I was simply not bothered, because my life was not disturbed by the whole issue.

  • Half an egg

    Half an egg

    Half a rasher of bacon and half an egg were the breakfast rations at a Westport boarding house where my father lived in the early 1950s. 

  • Intimidated


    Signing up for the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) was such an exciting decision for me as I took the first step towards becoming a teacher here in New Zealand. Then I found out that there were four people from my suburb doing the same course online and another dozen or so in the same city.

  • By The Rivers of Babylon

    By The Rivers of Babylon

    I don’t really remember much about 1978. I was eight years old and I’m sure life was a lot simpler back then. We didn’t have a colour TV and mobile phones were what happened when you accidently pulled a cable out of the wall and you had to get a technician in to fix it.

  • More than quirky heritage

    More than quirky heritage

    Late last year I heard Radio New Zealand’s Kim Hill interview Jeremy Salmond, recipient of the 2018 NZ Institute of Architects Gold Medal in recognition of an outstanding career in heritage architecture.

  • Money often costs too much

    Money often costs too much

    Our economy is built on debt. For many New Zealanders, when they exit tertiary study, they are saddled with student loan repayments. After a few years of working, some or even most of that debt will be repaid, but it’s not long until a mortgage is added to the debt.

  • Responding to euthanasia

    Responding to euthanasia

    Before I dive into my take on euthanasia, I want to make a disclaimer.

  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

    Our identity defines who we are but it depends on interests.

  • Metaphors in Art

    Metaphors in Art

    When people ask me what I am, what I do, what I love, or what I’m passionate about, the first answer I ever think of giving is this: I am a writer.

  • Being passionate for Christ

    Being passionate for Christ

    I remember watching a video of a pastor talking about what a relationship with God should look like. His argument, dumbed down, was that a relationship with God should look like somebody who loves God and has a burning passion to follow God all moments of their life.