Déjà vu: Yes again

Déjà vu: Yes again

Have we ever experienced something over and over? It might feel like we’ve been through this not too long ago and yet once again we find ourselves going down the same path..

  • “But what if I mess up?”

    “If you do, we can clean it up. We can start again. And imagine what it would be like if you don’t mess up?”

  • The journey from hell

    As we face the uncomfortable time of a delta outbreak in New Zealand, I remember an uncomfortable moment I faced with my daughter a few years ago, while travelling from Morocco to Spain.

  • A small part in God’s plans

    I’m not a hugger. My mother is an excellent hugger, but this talent clearly skipped a generation.

  • Christian State?

    On the eve of Christmas, Christians from all around the world will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which took place in a small town in what is now modern day Palestine.

  • Listening to the silence

    In pre-digital days I was helping out at a school camp for 11 year olds. One of the activities the class teacher asked the children to do, was to get away by themselves, where they couldn’t see or hear anyone else. During 20 minutes on their own they were to simply sit, and listen. Then they were to write down what sounds they heard.

  • Narcissism, altruism and other church-isms

    The Christian church is a bit of a controversial space.

  • It will be what it will be

    As I write this article here in New Zealand on 26th August 2021, we’re in Day 9 of what we know as Level 4 lockdown as the Delta variant of COVID19 raised its head for the first time in our country.

  • Is it tiring to be a Christian?

    ‘Is it tiring to be a Christian?” You may have been asked this before - by someone, or simply by yourself. It’s a tough question. It’s tough because the answer is uncertain yet right in front of us at the same time.

  • Riding the wave in the Storm: Learning to protect your mental and physical health when stuck at home

    Ah and here we are again, just about a year later, finding ourselves once again in a situation that has now become all too familiar.

  • I’m letting you know that the gate has been left open

    A couple of years ago, I was made aware of a wide-ranging survey of religious beliefs in New Zealand. The survey uncovered some fascinating insights into the perceptions held by my fellow countrymen and women regarding Christianity. 

  • Outsiders and Insiders of God’s Chosen People

    According to Mental Health Foundation, New Zealand has the highest youth suicidal rates in the world.