Eased easy’s and hardened hard’s

Eased easy’s and hardened hard’s

It is easy. When the drums thunder and the lights shush, when the crowds roar and the tears burn, it is easy. Prayers of repentance flow like a river and grace like an ocean. You declare promises that you think now you can keep..

  • How do you fill your cup?

    Emptying and filling up.

  • The lighted path

    I think the topic of ‘calling’ has caused many Christians grief over the years. Regardless of where you are in life, it’s likely you’ve thought about your personal calling and purpose at some stage.

  • Singleness is not a Waiting Room

    Since I am married, singleness may seem like a strange topic for me to be writing about but there are two reasons I am.

  • The age of skepticism

    Before the internet came along we would find answers to our questions  through someone wise we trusted. It may have been our parents, grandparents, teacher, neighbour or someone we thought was wise. 

  • The size of my faith

    The word conjures a religious picture in our minds. Believing in something bigger than us. Taking a leap into the unknown. We think of spiritual giants like David and Abraham. More often than not, faith is painted as a colossal spiritual accomplishment. 

  • Are we losing the battle?

    Everyday we go through many battles. Some are bigger than others. Some are minor while others are major. Some are internal and some are external.

  • A New Normal?

    There is a lot of background chatter about what a new normal might look like when the COVID19 pandemic starts to ease.

  • We, the spoilt children of the world?

    New Zealand is a country of unique privilege.

  • Tap into God’s Autocorrect for Life

    Predictive and autocorrect on smartphones are supposed to help us out. But they’re not always right—and sometimes they’re laughably wrong. Like when you say you’re ‘auditioning your kids’, only to have autocorrect change that to ‘auctioning your kids’. Or when you text your sister that ‘Grandma is in the grave’, when you thought you were typing ‘Grandma is in the garage’!

  • What does it mean to be ‘privileged’?

    I went through the questions in the online quiz.  I scored 61% which meant that was the degree of privilege that I was enjoyed, because of my gender, race, background, education, wealth, and amount of prejudice I had experienced

  • Social capital

    The term “social capital” has become popular among social analysts to explain the value of community, connectedness and a sense of belonging.