The scary new

The scary new

This new year, I enter a new phase in life. After completing my Graduate Diploma in Teaching(Primary) last year, I will now embark on my journey as a primary school teacher..

  • Redefining Success in 2020

    I’ve just experienced my 49th Christmas / New Year season. I can remember a good number of them and like the one just passed, they’ve all followed a similar pattern of connecting with my immediate and wider family, especially those who live in other towns from where I grew up.

  • To Weed or Not to Weed?

    A month-and-a-half before Christmas we moved into a new house. Those living here before us kindly tidied the garden before they moved on, planting strawberries, rhubarb, tomatoes and lettuces.

  • When two women were killed…

    Four weeks ago a sex worker was murdered in Christchurch, presumably by her ‘client.’ He is still being tracked down.

  • On doing it “My Way”

    I cringe when I hear that another family has requested Frank Sinatra’s, “My Way,” for their loved one's funeral service

  • The Mission of God Part 5 – Holy, Holey, Wholly

  • Is it tiring to be a Christian?

    ‘Is it tiring to be a Christian?” You may have been asked this before - by someone, or simply by yourself. It’s a tough question. It’s tough because the answer is uncertain yet right in front of us at the same time.

  • A year of no transactional love

    Imagine a year where everyone does, with no expectations of a return. Long gone are the days of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. A world where everybody does, for the benefit of the other.

  • I am no longer entertained

    Do you remember as a child, that feeling of separateness between what we ought to do and what we enjoy doing? We would be bribed with cartoons, movies, and video games in exchange for doing our homework, cleaning our rooms, or doing the dishes.

  • Diversity of the Christian worldview

    It’s a new year! And with that comes a time of reflection and change. Reflections on what last year taught us. For me, it was a year of challenges as I discovered my fellow Christians are very diverse in thoughts and opinions (which is great!) but often this can create conflict and tension.

  • Through the storm

    Everybody on this earth faces challenges or difficulties at some point of their lives. No one is immune from trauma or suffering. But as Christians, how do we cope when things go wrong? And what does God teach us during those struggles?

  • Healing rhythm of home

    In western culture there is a natural annual rhythm. Every December, no matter where you live or what you believe, you go home. Home to a people or a place that know your core.