A ripe old age – what does it mean?

A ripe old age – what does it mean?

In a recent News.com article on a new milestone on longevity of living, an Ethiopian  man claims he is 160 years old, and it raised the question as to who he might actually know – all his mates and fiends are long dead, mostly 80—90 years ago..

  • One Day in Melbourne on 19 May – 16 days away

    One Day in Melbourne for 2018 is on the 19 May at the Craigieburn Salvation Army – 75 Interlink Dr, Craigieburn, 20 minutes from Melbourne airport.

  • Family reunions

    I for one cannot recount the number of movies produced since the cinema was created based around family reunions. There are depictions of the typical US family union for Thanksgiving, when someone brings home a boy/girl friend, there is the family union on the ranch, in the suburb, the city, where ever really.

  • Nelson Cook – to coaches - sin is at the door

    Nelson Cook who established Coaches of Influence 25 years ago in LA USA writes a monthly letter to the many coaches at professional, college and high school levels and the current correspondence touches the spot.

  • Never underestimate what children hear at home

    This is a story that needs to be told as it reflects Christian homes everywhere. Some years ago now our family celebrated the engagement of our fourth, our third daughter, Salley to Sam. They have now been married four and a half years.

  • CoolyRocksOn Church Service -10 June – Coolangatta, Gold Coast

    The CoolyRocksOn nostalgic Rock 'n Roll Festival held in Coolangatta (Gold Coast) during the entire Queens Birthday 7 day week culminating on Mon 11 June with 115,000 visitors (competing with the numbers at the April Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) is gearing up for another remarkable music and vintage car festival.

  • The sugar industry needs rail – Footplate Padre

    The Footplate Padre was born and raised in the Mackay region of Queensland which is a huge sugar cane growing area. There were several sugar mills in the region and they were all largely supplied in the fifties by an astonishing 2 foot gauge railway network.

  • The NBN example reinforces to the public who are the biggest... just like us all...

    When the former Federal Labor Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy admitted that the NBN was "overly ambitious" with its National Broadband Network rollout targets and "clearly underestimated" working with the construction industry.

  • Young writer reviews – No 3

    The Press Service International young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today has each Week's editor or coordinator write a review of their week the week after publication.

  • Israel turned 70 with a population of 8.8m

    Israel turned 70 last week. In the year David Ben-Gurion declared the State's establishment, only one city in Israel, At that time Tel Aviv and Jaffa had a population of over 100,000 residents.

  • Just War Theology and Islamic rants

    Has Christian theology on a “Just War” influenced the rhetoric of hard line Islamic rants? This has become a valid question after a recent rant by an Adelaide Islamic preacher Sheikh Sharif Hussein which was videoed and uploaded to the Internet.

  • War Artists

    Over the years it has come my way to give an ANZAC Day speech and in recent years I have touched on War Artists.