Is business always business

Is business always business

An article in my archives from the Sydney Morning Herald written by Christine Long looked at the process of avoiding court after receiving a solicitor’s letter to sue (legal action), claiming you have faulted with this, that and other..

  • Funeral attendance is a mix today

    Listening to an ABC Radio National program recently, the subject came up it seems in passing, that with so many second and third marriages, and children from each, the nature of who turns up at a funeral in this new world of ours, illustrates there are many different kinds of families.

  • Training agencies

    A new wave in jobs are in such areas: Sports coaches and fitness trainers. Massage therapists, registered nurses and physical therapists. School psychologists, music tutors, preschool teachers and speech-language pathologists.

  • Laguna Quays Respite – in our 7th year

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions now in its seventh year has proven to be a lovely break away for a wide range of those in Christian service. 2018 is a good year.

  • 101 Evangelism

    In recent months across a broad plane of Christian sites I have read the most astonishing clap trap on  - the don'ts in evangelism – but not one article of one to one evangelism which is 101 evangelism.

  • What punishment

    It repeats itself every sporting annual calendar since this 2013 story  -  the Rugby League world was in uproar when the referees allowed a seventh tackle in the Cronulla Sharks – North Queensland Cowboys quarter-finals game in a 2013 September and from that illegal play the Cronulla Sharks scored and eventually went on to win by 2 points.

  • One Day in Melbourne on 19 May – 9 days away

    One Day in Melbourne for 2018 is on the 19 May at the Craigieburn Salvation Army – 75 Interlink Dr, Craigieburn, 20 minutes from Melbourne airport.

  • Debt from an ex or bought into a relationship

    In an article in my archive from the Sydney Morning Herald by Larke Riemer opened a Pandora box of heartache (physical and emotional) when discussing her own bitter experience of what she calls STD (Sexually Transmitted Debt).

  • Children walking away with a stranger

    Not that long ago the Sydney Morning Herald ran a frightening story on how likely it is that our children will walk away with a stranger and under stringent controlled experiment 85% of the kids took the bait.

  • Money keeps missions afloat

    The Church of England's former Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali says that what the great faiths condemn is the irresponsible use of wealth, not wealth itself. The worship of money is the root of all evil and not money on its own.

  • Young writer reviews - 4

    The Press Service International young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today has each Week's editor or coordinator write a review of their week the week after publication.

  • Politically incorrect statement – led by boycott

    A fascinating article some time ago appeared recently in from Italy where in a businessman made a politically incorrect statement regarding the advertising emphasis by his company and then to find the Gay lobby constituency call for a boycott of his product.