Dream Small

Dream Small

“Good to Great!” “Smarter, Faster, Better!” “How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life!” Self-help books abound telling us how we can become smarter, prettier, more likeable, and generally all around amazing so that we will be able to start business empires, become massively popular, and rich!.

  • Those Pesky Labels

    I grew up with a black and white Christianity. A “this is right—and that is wrong” approach to the world. For instance, alcohol and homosexuality were bad, attending church good and praying daily even better.

  • Being a Truth Teller

    Maarametua Williams has been off the drug P for 18 months and is now helping others leave P behind.

  • It Never Ends

    I’ve recently returned from leading an Exposure Trip to Los Angeles with a group of senior high school students from our youth group.

  • Is an OE a Necessary ‘Rite of Passage’?

    “It’s not compulsory, you know,” said a friend. As young students, we were discussing whether or not you had to travel overseas, as many young Kiwis did, in order to become a fully rounded person.

  • Communication is the Key

  • Tiger begins to emerge from the Woods

    It was supposed to be the tale of a legend, a tale we would tell our grandkids we were around to see, the greatest golfer that ever lived. Even better than that, it was the tale of an African American kid, making it in a sport dominated by white men around the world.

  • What is your legacy?

    How do you want to be commemorated? What do you want your children, friends and family to remember you? What impact will your life have on them?

  • Inspirational Athletes: Justin Langer

    The journey has been a remarkable one: From an opening batsman for one of Australia’s greatest ever Test Cricket teams, to an acclaimed 20-20 coaching career, to now the bright hope for Australian Cricket.

  • I just wanna die…painlessly!

    After a heated argument in a car, Petra shouted, “Let’s just die!”. Tom was so angry to the point that he momentarily obliged. He had his foot firmly anchored on the accelerator, ready to ‘crash and burn’.

  • Why am I not a feminist?

    It was intriguing to find how many women there were, and how they were equally involved in ministry with men, and in some cases, such as Lydia, exercising real leadership.  We found the study really liberating, and found that men and women were on the same page – being used by God in leadership where opportunities and skills were available.

  • Tak Bhana supports Bible Month 2018

    Bible reading is key to being a strong Christian as well as victorious living says Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor of Auckland’s Church Unlimited and Bible Society New Zealand’s Vice-President.